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82. The only team member to arrive late was the captain.

a.  Other team members may arrive late but not the captain.

b. The captain is expected to arrive ahead of the other team members.

c. AH the members of the team were there on time, except for the captain.

d. The captain was not the only team member to arrive late.


83.1 won’t get my bicycle repaired here again because they charged me far too much.

a. I wouldn’t have let them repair my bicycle if I had known how much they would charge.

b. I’m sure there must be cheaper places that repair bicycles just as well.

c. I should have asked them how much they charged before I left my bicycle with them to be repaired.

d. it cost me so much to get my bicycle repaired there that 1*11 never go back with it again.


84. On sunny days I always feel more cheerful, and so, I think, do most people.

a. I’ve often noticed that on sunny days you see a lot more cheerful people.

b. I can’t understand why people feel more cheerful when the sun shines.

c.  Once the sun comes out I am sure we shall all start to look more cheerful.

d. I suppose most people are like me and feel more cheerful when the sun shines.


85. The children are not allowed to play in the garden on rainy days.

a.    Children can’t play in the garden on rainy days.

b.   On rainy days, it is not a good idea to play in the garden.

c.    Children can’t play anywhere anytime they wish.

d.    Children are never allowed to play in the garden.


86. Now that I have reached the age of fifty, I’ll just have to face the fact that I’m not as young as I was.

a.    When someone reaches the age of fifty, they have to face the fact that their life is more than half over.

b.    Since there was nothing I could do about being fifty, I just tried to get used to it.

c.    I don’t like being fifty at all, and I’m going to try to prove I am just as good as I ever was.

d.   I have to accept that I’m now fifty, and no longer the young man that I used to be.


87. Many homeless people come from poor families.

a.    Homeless people would make very poor parents.

b.   A lot of people without a home had grown up in poor families.

c.    The family environment for most homeless people must have been awful.

d.    Some people make themselves homeless because their families are so dreadful.




88. You are hosting a dinner party in your home and want to offer your guests a chance to sit and talk before they come to the table to eat. As your guests arrive, you say:

a. Won’t you come into the living room to have something to drink and chat before we eat?

b. I hope that you like lamb – it’s the main dish tonight.                                          

c. Welcome! Thank you so much for coming.

d. Let’s sit down to eat right away. The food’s getting cold!


89. You are in a subway train on your way to visit a friend who is in hospital. You aren’t sure which stop to get off at, so you say to another passenger:

a. Which stop are you getting off at?

b. Is it far to walk to Central Hospital after I get off?

c. Do you know which stop is the closest to Central Hospital?

d. This train runs very deep underground, doesn’t it?






(I) Science is systematic because of the attention it gives to organizing knowledge and making it readily accessible to all who wish to build on its foundation. (II) If the results support the hypothesis, the scientist may use them to generate related hypotheses. (III) in this way science is both a personal and a social endeavour. (IV) in other words, it is beneficial both to the individual and to society at large. (V) Moreover, science contributes a great deal to the improvement and the quality of human life.

a. I           b. II     c. III    d. IV


91. (I) Modern Bergama is a sleepy agricultural market town in the midst of a well-watered plain. (II) There has been a town here since Trojan times. (III) Of Bergama’s four main tourist attractions, only the museum is in the centre of the town. (IV) However, it was during the period between Alexander the Great and the Roman domination that Bergama, then called Pergamum, enjoyed its greatest prosperity. (V) At that time, it became one of the Middle East’s richest and most powerful small kingdoms.

a. I       b. II      c. III      d. IV


92. (I) Astronomers are scientists who watch and study the sun, moon, planets and stars. (II) They study unusual things that happen in the sky. (ITI) The planets and stars were lined up in the shape of pyramid on August 15, 1987. (IV) These unusual things happen years apart. (V) Astronomers are happy to be living when something very unusual happens.

a. I         b. II     c. III    d. IV


93. (I) We sat there, close to the sea, and drunk our coffee. (II) They had been here before. (III) Above us the birds flew joyfully here and there. (IV) Fifty meters further along there were some fishing boats. (V) The fishermen were talking together and mending their nets.

a. I         b. II     c. III    d. IV


Choose the correct linkers for the gaps in the passage.


…………………….(94) people tried to build a submarine for several hundred years, it was in the 20th century that the first real submarine was invented. An Englishman built an undersea boat with oars 300 years ago! During the American War of Independence in the 18th century, an American David Bushnell, built another undersea boat. His boat was better……………………..(95) it had a steam engine………………(96), it could carry a torpedo. The Americans tried to use this boat against the British…………………..(97)-, it did not help them much. During the early years of the 20* century, Holland and Lake designed the first real submarine. Many countries used their design to develop military models…………………(98), submarines were used widely as warships during the two World Wars.


94. a. Although       b. in spite of     c. Despite  d. Because


95. a. even though  b. apart from    c. instead    d. because


96. a. however      b. despite the fact that  c. moreover   d. but


97. a. in spite of the fact that   b. so that  c. however  d. since


98. a. consequently   b. therefore   c. nevertheless d. in addition


Put the sentences into correct order to make a paragraph.



I.   She hopes to be a librarian.

II. Amy has two sisters.

III. The other is still a student.

IV. One works in a bank.

V.  They are both older than she is.

a.   I, II, IV, V, II

b.   II, IV, I, V, III

c.   II, V, IV, III, I

d.   V, IV, III, I, II


100. Which one could be a thesis statement?

a. I am going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of watching television.

b. There are lots of benefits of computers and they were first used for communication in offices.

c. The discovery of America provided new routes for trading around the world.

d. I believe that children shouldn’t use mobile phones.

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